Gel Pro - New Life 3/4"

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      • Gel Pro - New Life 3/4"

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      NewLife™ Bio-Foam™ Mats are ergonomically engineered from plant-based resources and are designed to encourage proper circulation in your feet and legs. Each mat is manufactured with Cellulon™ renewable Bio-Foam™. The result is an anti-fatigue mat that supports not only your feet, legs and back, but the environment as well. NewLife Mats' one-piece construction includes a durable top-surface, a resilient inner core, a tapered edge, and a non-skid bottom certified as "high traction" by the National Floor Safety Institute.


      Earth- is a dark brown color that is comforting in its simplicity. Place this mat in your library or den for a cozy air or in the kitchen for a feeling of warmth and rich refinement. Brown is often considered the perfect complement to wood flooring of all shades, and the NewLife Earth mat is no exception.

      Midnight- is a deep, dark, eye-catching black with a brushed top-surface. A versatile color that helps pull any room together, Midnight is the perfect complement to virtually any other color. If your objective is to make the room look vibrant and enduring, then NewLife Midnight is the mat-color combination for your decor.

      Stone- is a warm, neutral color that is understated and timeless. Similar in color to taupe, Stone brings to mind sandstone or a light limestone.