Quickie Professional Heavy-Duty Wet Mop, 24 oz

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 Quickie Professional Heavy-Duty Wet Mop, 24 oz

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    Manufacturer Part Number: 038-391T-1

The Quickie Professional Mop tackles all sorts of difficult spills and messes. With a 100-percent cotton head, you can absorb a great deal of fluid with each sweep to save time. This heavy-duty wet mop features a hardwood handle and a galvanized steel clamp to last a long time. The head swaps out when it's used up for fast and convenient mopping. Keep an extra head on hand to make sure you can finish any job.

Quickie Professional Heavy-Duty Wet Mop:

  • 56" hardwood handle
  • Galvanized steel wing nut mop clamp
  • Heavy-duty mop with changeable head