Tineco - iFLOOR3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner Wet Dry Vacuum - Silver

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  • Tineco - iFLOOR3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner Wet Dry Vacuum - Silver


  • Cleaning Path Width 9 inches
  • Vacuum Type Wet/dry vacuums
  • Bin Capacity 0.16 gallons
  • Brush Roll Shut-Off Yes
  • Bagless  Yes
  • Compatible Floor Type Bare Floor
  • Corded/Cordless  Cordless
  • Filter Type 4-stage
  • Multi Surface No
    iFLOOR 3 saves you time by combining two chores – vacuuming and mopping, leaving you with shiny, clean floors. Pick up messy spills and pet hair on all sealed hard floors like hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, marble, and linoleum. Its dual tank technology guarantees that you’re always cleaning with fresh water, not just pushing around dirty water like a traditional mop. The self-cleaning cycle cleans the tubes and brush without the mess.


    Combine chores

    No more vacuuming and sweeping before mopping your floors. iFLOOR 3 does both simultaneously, in less time, and with better results.

    Fast, streak-free drying

    Strong suction pulls more dirty water off floors and into the dirty water tank, leaving less water on the floor for faster streak-free drying.

    25% longer runtime than iFLOOR 3 BREEZE

    With up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning in normal mode, the cordless, lightweight, and powerful iFLOOR 3 makes it easy to clean hard floors anywhere in your home.

    Digital LED display

    The onboard LED display features helpful, real-time information about machine functions, including battery level, power status, blockage indicators, and more.

    Powerful cleaning on hard floors

    iFLOOR 3 features powerful scrubbing and suction that can tackle tough, stuck-on messes or everyday floor cleaning on sealed hard floors like hardwood, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, tile, and marble.

    Dual tank technology

    While other floor cleaning methods move and push dirt around, iFLOOR 3’s dual tank technology always cleans floors with clean water. Dirty water collects in a separate tank without wringing, rinsing, or sending disposable mop pads to the landfill.

    Automatic self-cleaning

    A hands-free self-cleaning system keeps the brush and tubes clean and odor-free. Place iFLOOR 3 in the charging storage tray and press a button to begin the automatic self-cleaning cycle.

    Stay organized and tidy

    iFLOOR 3’s compact docking station stores and charges the device while it completely self-cleans, leaving no mess or residue on floors.