World Dryer K-162P SMARTdri plus (110-120V, Black SteriTouch)

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  • World Dryer K-162P SMARTdri plus (110-120V, Black SteriTouch)

  • At the factory-set highest levels, you have a 10 second high speed dryer that consumes 1200 watts and pulls 10 amps - already very energy efficient. The noise level is about 85dB - typical for a high speed dryer.  If this energy consumption and/or the noise level is too high, you can adjust the the motor speed and/or the heating element to get the power consumption down to 400 watts / 3.3 amps, and the noise level down to a quiet 73 dB.  Now that's a smart dry!

    Will adjusting the heat level down effect the speed of dry?  No.  Heat does little to dry hands, it is mostly for comfort.  But bringing the motor speed down will slow the speed of dry towards the more standard 30 second range.  So if your SMARTdri hand dryer is too loud or using too much energy, you have the flexibility to make changes without having to buy a whole new hand dryer. 
  • Item Number: K-162P