AquaBoy® Pro II Air To Water Generator in Black Stainless Steel Color

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AquaBoy® Pro II Air To Water Generator in Black Stainless Steel Color

Item #: WBB2214501


  • BRAND AquaBoy
  • COLOR FINISH   Black Stainless Steel
  • CONSTRUCTION   Stainless Steel, ABS plastic
  • HEIGHT INCHES  45-1/2
  • WEIGHT LBS     106
  • WIDTH INCHES11-     3/4


    • The Future of Refreshing"™, AquaBoy® Pro II, produces up to 2 to 5 gallons per day of "purified great tasting water"™ by making it directly from the air around us. Using some of the latest technological advancements, this award-winning, luxury appliance provides hot and cold purified drinking water with just the touch of a button. Great for hot tea, gourmet coffee, purified ice, cooking, pet care and much more. There's no installation, just plug it into any 120-Volt receptacle and follow the Quick Start instructions. 

      The AquaBoy® Pro II uses a 7-stage EZ-filter process to convert humidity in the air into "purified great tasting water" made from the air. First, air is drawn in through the HEPA air filter, prohibiting micro particles and dust from entering the appliance. The warm water vapor then makes contact with the cooled stainless steel coils and is condensed into liquid water. 

      This water is collected in a lower tank, where a UV lamp eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. The next four phases of the process eliminate any minute particles and polish the water prior to entering the upper tank, which is also fitted with another UV lamp. Finally, the water is separated into two tanks. One tank heats the water to 180°F and the other chills the water to 44°F.

      • Self sustaining water dispenser
      • Save money
      • Contemporary, compact design
      • No plumbing needed
      • Easy to operate
      • UL listed
      • Hot water lock
      • Stainless steel water collection tanks
      • Stores 4.6 Gal. of water
      • Energy saving sensors
      • Microcomputer
      • Advanced SmartScreen LED panel
      • AirMax fan
      • Water level gauge
      • Filter replacement indicator
      • 2-year limited warranty