ASI® TRI-Umph™ Automatic 110-120V Hand Dryer - 20200-1

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ASI® TRI-Umph™ Automatic 110-120V Hand Dryer - 20200-1

Item #: WG640420

ASI® Tri-Umph™ Automatic 110-120V Hand Dryer - 20200-1

TRI-Umph™ hand dryer is a state-of-the-art, ergonomic high-speed unit. With air blowing down and back from vents on three sides, users dry their hands in 12 seconds, in a comfortable, natural position without water splash-back. Over 99% of airborne bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns are eliminated with the removable super filter system. Water from hands is pushed backwards onto an absorbent and continuously evaporating ceramic plate. Water that is not evaporated or absorbed by the plate is channeled into a drip tray, not the floor. Dryer can only be removed using a dual-step security system offering enhanced vandal resistance. Anti-microbial silver ion treatment added to the ABS cover provides an additional layer of germ protection. 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Product Specifications

    • AMPS--
    • STYLETRI-Umph
    • VOLTAGE110-120
    • WATTAGE1200
    • DECIBELS65-69.8
    • ACTIVATIONAutomatic