14D Electric Unicycles for Adults, One Wheel Hoverboard

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14D Electric Unicycles for Adults, One Wheel Hoverboard Self Balancing Unicycle EUC, Portable 14 Inch Scooters with LED Lights,Built-in Speaker for Beginners,Powerful Max Speed 18.6mph

KS-14D is designed for the adventurers with a “can do” attitude.Riders who are up for a challenge will hop on the KS-14 and trailblaze their own path. Stable Bluetooth 4.0 technology can be connected to mobile phone for device control and devices stats. High performance 18650 lithium battery is adopted.
  • 【Entry Level Electric Unicycle】14D is the basic model of euc electric unicycle. Its performance meets the needs of electric unicycle wheel enthusiasts to get started. It only takes a little practice time to master the skills. Don't worry about the wear and tear of the electric unicycle wheel's appearance and the pain of the lower leg during practice, which are proof of your efforts. Ride carefully, safety first.
  • 【Battery Upgrade Function Continues】Unicycles for adults,14D continues all the functions of 14M, such as customized colorful lights and hidden pull rods, while increasing its battery capacity and retaining its compact shape, simple but not simple; This means that it can run longer distances at a higher speed and is light and does not take up space. For ordinary players, this is a best electric wheel.
  • 【14 Inch Skid Tire】Wear-resistant tyres with 14 inch rims anti-skid tread design can be used for a long time if they do not often drive on rough roads or plunge into sharp objects and better balance. It is recommended to use the original tires from the factory, and it is not recommended to modify the tires. The surface of high-strength magnesium alloy pedal is frosted and anti-slip.
  • 【Unlock Higher Speed】While upgrading the power system, 14D has extended the use of 800 watt power motors, unlocking the higher speed limit; The climbing angle of the 14 series one wheel motorized unicycle is set at 30. We have set a safety value to ensure user safety.Much more fun and challenging than hoverboards.
  • 【Kingsong App & Customer Service】The newly upgraded smart Kingsong app, where you can fully understand the wheel's performance and real-time status, provides you with technical support; App updates the version from time to time to ensure euc customer service; With Bluetooth 4.0 technology and dual speakers, you can enjoy the music you want to play anytime and anywhere.
Brand Kingsong
Color Black