Bogen Communications SPT15A Reentrant Horn Loudspeaker 7.5W 25/70V

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Bogen Communications SPT15A Reentrant Horn Loudspeaker 7.5W 25/70V


  • The SPT15A from Bogen is a 15W 25/70V Reentrant Horn Loudspeaker ideal for one-way and talk-back applications in industrial plants, warehouses, schools, construction sites, transportation terminals, and recreational areas. This sturdy, weatherproof speaker has an all-metal construction and uses screw terminals for a simple installation. The SPT15A is easy to install and easy to maintain as well, with its self-aligning, field replaceable diaphragm.

    Easy-to-install and maintain
    Weatherproof, all-metal construction
     UPC: 765368360332