Phoenix Audio Smart Spider USB Conference Speakerphone (Black)

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Phoenix Audio Smart Spider USB Conference Speakerphone (Black) 

PHMT503 MFR # MT503
  • Smartphone and Tablet Conferencing
  • Four Microphone Beamforming Array
  • Large Pickup and Broadcasting Range
  • For Homes, Offices & Classrooms
    • The black MT503 Smart Spider USB Conference Speakerphone is a high-quality conference speakerphone that is designed to turn any room into a professional conference room. It features a large pickup and broadcasting range, yet is small in size and discreet in design. The Smart Spider utilizes multiple microphones, a speaker, and helpful features such as acoustic echo and noise cancellation.

      The MT503 Smart Spider model connects to any computer as well as many analog audio devices. It comes with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable adaptor that allows you to link to almost any smartphone or tablet device. The user interface is incorporated through LED lights that are discreetly placed throughout the unit.

    Phoenix Audio Smart Spider USB Conference Speakerphone (Black)


  • USB Cable
  • International Power Supply Adaptor
  • Daisy Chain Cable (Ethernet)
  • 2.5mm (Male) to 3.5mm 4-pin (Male) Cable
  • Interchangeable Wire Slot Cover