Excel Dryer Cast Hands On H76-C Push Button Chrome 120V Hair Dryer

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 Excel Dryer Cast Hands On H76-C Push Button Chrome 120V Hair Dryer

Excel Dryer
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Excel Dryer H76-C Product Description

CAST Series H76-C Hands On Push Button Commercial Hair Dryer from Excel Dryer - Die-cast Zinc Alloy, Chrome Plated Cover, Surface Mount


  • Hands On® dryers utilize a maintenance free brushless motor, capacitor initiated for quick starts.
  • The air nozzle revolves a full 360 degrees providing easy hand and face drying.
  • The air nozzle can also be fixed into a stationary downward position by means of a simple on-sight adjustment.
  • All Hands On model dryers can also be specified to serve as hair dryers, ideal for health clubs, locker-room facilities, resorts and private washrooms.

Each traditional Cast Cover Series hair dryer is constructed with a one-piece heavy-duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy cover.

Excel's Hands On hair dryers boast a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. The Hands On hair dryer series offers a choice of surface or recessed wall mounting. Hands On hair dryers are engineered to provide twice the service-free life of other hand dryers, and are backed by a Ten Year Unlimited Warranty, including damage due to accidents, misuse or vandalism.


Color  White
Casing construction  Die-cast Zinc Alloy
Electrical  110-120V - 20Amp - 1000W - 60Hz
Operation  Push Button
 Powerful Motor - 3450 RPM
Mounting  Surface-mounted
Unit dimensions  10-3/4” L x 8 H x 7 D
Unit weight  18 lbs
Certification  Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Listed (UL)