Portable EKG Monitoring Device

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Portable EKG Monitoring Device (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Personal EKG Heart Monitor to Track Heart Rate & Rhythm for Heart Performance

EMAY Portable ECG Monitor is a personal heart health monitor with bluetooth capability. Track your EKG rhythm and heart rate whenever you feel discomfort or just want peace of mind. It records a 30 seconds' EKG & heart rate, and provides important information instantly. The intelligent app allows you to transfer, review and share the data on your smart phone conveniently. It works independently without requiring continuous connection to the app, you may do the uploading later at your convenience. This special design ensures the recording can be taken immediately to record the rhythm once issues happen. In many cases, the episode passes so fast that you don't have time to reach out to your phone. 1. Simply turn the device on by pressing the only button 2. Place your hands on each sensor on the device to start the recording 3. Hold still for 30 seconds until the recording is finished 4. Sync your data to the app later at your convenience
  • Compact size that you can carry around in the pocket. Track your heart health anytime anywhere.
  • Record 30 seconds’ rhythm and heart rate between two hands without cables.
  • iOS/Android App to transfer, review, store, print and share the professional reports on smart phones.
  • PC software as alternative to manage your data on computer



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