TOA Electronics 15W Wide-Range Paging Weatherproof Speaker,

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TOA Electronics 15W Wide-Range Paging Weatherproof Speaker, 150Hz - 15kHz Frequency Response, 97dB Sensitivity, 2 kOhms Rated Impedance, UL1480 UL Code, Single


The TOA Electronics 15W UL1480 UL Code Wide-Range Paging Weatherproof Speaker is ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial sound system applications for voice paging, background music and tone signaling distribution. Compared to traditional metal paging horns, this speaker offers wider frequency range and superior sound quality.

It includes a built-in 70.7V/100 V transformer with screwdriver-adjustable power taps. Is fully weather-resistant to withstand demanding environmental conditions with a sealed enclosure, full-range moisture-resistant cone speaker, stainless-steel mounting hardware and a protective mesh grille. The enclosure is also coated with polyurethane resin paint to resist the fading effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light